AGM and Committee Elections - Results

Just a quick note to thank all of those that attended the ASHRA AGM on Wednesday evening.

We are please to say that we have elected a new committee and will be able to carry on our work on behalf of the community as we have in the past.

The new committee is as follows

Chairman - John Dymott
Secretary - Iain Collie
Treasurer - Nicola Crossley
Committee Member - Alastair French

We would like to express our thanks again to Graham for all the hard work he has put in over the past 10 years and wish him well in his bid to become both a Parish and Borough councillor. He has said that whilst not being able to be on the committee any more he will continue to support ASHRA and will help out where he can.

AGM & Committee Elections

Dear Resident,

I have been encouraged by various Councillors to stand for election to Ash Parish Council and Guildford Borough Council at the next elections in May 2019, and after a lot of thought I have decided to go ahead and put my name forward.

In order for this to happen, and in order for me to be effective as a Councillor, I needed to join a political party, which I did a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately this action rules out the possibility of me remaining as Chairman of Ash Residents Association as the Association is non-political, and I have therefore resigned as Chairman. I will however be able to extend my association with ASHRA as a committee member, which I hope to do, and thereby continue my support.

I feel that in becoming a Councillor at Guildford BC, and very locally within the Parish, I will be able to extend my influence, working alongside other Ward Councillors, to support and improve the local community, and indeed give support to ASHRA.


We need to elect a new Chairman, and indeed a new Secretary, as we've been running without one since Roger Smolski moved out of the area.

These positions are far less onerous now than they have been over the past 10 years, but issues still arise that need addressing and it is very important that ASHRA keeps supporting the people of Ash and Tongham.

We would like to think that there are residents who would be willing to take on these roles, and accordingly we invite nominations to be sent to the Returning Officer by 2nd November 2018. At present we just need the nominees name, address and e-mail address and the position you want to stand for. To contact the Returning Officer click here

Once all nominations are received, the Returning Officer, Alastair French, will publish the names. We will then hold a General Meeting of ASHRA, at Ash Parish Council, Ash Hill Road on the 21st November 2018 at 19:00, when the new Officers will be elected by residents of Ash and Tongham on a show of hands.

In addition to elections for the two officers mentioned above, the existing Vice Chairman, Treasurer and other Committee members will be standing re re-election.
We hope that the meeting in November will be well attended.

I truly thank everyone in Ash & Tongham for their support over the past 10 years or so, and I hope your support for the new Chairman & Committee will continue.

Graham Eyre

Ash Station Level Crossing / Bridge

Given the number of questions raised at the Ash Forum on 18 April 2018 relating to highways issues associated with the proposed Ash Road Bridge scheme, Guildford Borough Council have asked if we, ASHRA, could consult with our residents and submit questions related to highways issues only.

I would therefore invite all of you to send any "highways" questions you have on the subject to us at info@ashra.org.uk by Monday 18th June 2018. We will then formulate these and send them to GBC.

They then propose to hold a joint meeting with us, together with other groups and Surrey County Council to respond to these questions a couple weeks later. Once they have sight of questions they can assess attendance from SCC and book a meeting date. Feedback from this meeting will then be provided at the next public Ash Forum meeting, tentatively arranged for 25 July 2018.

If anyone has not seen the plans, they are available on the GBC website - here

Thank you for your help.

Ash Road Bridge Forum (Level Crossing)

The slides from the presentation for the Ash Bridge (level crossing replacement) are now available on Guildford Borough Councils website at the link below


Residents Meeting with GBC / Bewley Home / Ward Councillors - Wed 17th Jan 2018

A quick reminder that there is a meeting in the main hall at the Ash Centre on 17th January (this Wednesday) at 7.00 for residents to come along and talk with the head of planning at GBC, officers, ward councillors and Bewley homes about the local plan, current development both under way and planned as well as having a presentation from officers re the proposed bridge at the level crossing and finally an opportunity to ask any questions and air any concerns.

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