News Bulletin – 23rd November 2014

Those of you who regularly read our newsletter or visit our website will know that some time ago Ash Parish Council made an application for a Judicial Review of Guildford Borough Council’s decision to grant planning permission on planning application 12/P/01973. This application is to build up to 400 homes on Ash Meadows to the south of Ash Lodge Drive.

Last Thursday the High Court Judge issued his findings, and unfortunately she decided in favour of Guildford Borough Council, even though she did find in his written judgement that Guildford Borough Council were wrong in not applying weight to Local Policy RE4. However, the judge decided that, because there was no Local Plan in place demonstrating a 5 year land supply for building, this was the over-riding factor. Ash Parish Council sought leave to appeal which was also refused by the Judge. Ash Parish Council are now discussing the options with their legal team. The full version of the judgement can be read here http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2014/3864.html
We will of course keep you updated.

In summary, Guildford Borough Council’s performance in all of this is extremely poor. They have failed, over a long period of time, to produce a Local Plan. Even now the new Local Plan, that is under discussion and has been out for consultation, is being delayed by the minor political parties for political reasons and to score points. Therefore once again, there is no consideration being given to the residents of Guildford Borough.

In addition, the Guildford Borough Council officers have erroneously advised the Councillors on serious and important issues.
The only party to take any credit is Ash Parish Council, for their unstinting efforts on behalf of the residents of Ash.

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