News Bulletin – 14th August 2015

As you will probably be aware the Guildford Borough Local Plan has been delayed and this leaves Ash and Tongham very exposed, as a lot of land around this area is domiciled as “Countryside Beyond the Greenbelt” and considered to be more acceptable for development than Greenbelt. However, that does not mean that we should just stand by and accept every development scheme that is put before Guildford Borough Council. It would appear that the Planning Department at Guildford Borough Council are keen to just approve every proposal they received, regardless of the merits and the pitfalls. To this end we, at Ash Residents Association, are continuing to make our own assessment of each proposal, using our own experts, presenting reports and, where necessary, objections to the Planning Department, and consulting with our local Councillors.

Having said this, there is a need to build additional housing in all areas of the Borough, indeed there are stringent targets set by the Government. However, we feel we still have a duty to ensure that the Planning Department and the Planning Committee consider the issues that will affect the residents of Ash and Tongham adversely, such as flooding, congestion, overcrowded schools etc.

The following is a list of the Planning Applications in Ash and Tongham that have gone before the Planning Committee in 2015, showing the current status.

Committee Date - 10th June 2015
Planning Application 15/P/00039
Courier House, Aldershot Road, Ash
HiSpeed Courier Warehouse
Decision: Refused

Committee Date - 1st July 2015
Planning Application 15/P/00167
Land West of Spoil Lane, Tongham
26 Dwellings by Taylor Wimpey
Decision: Refused

Planning Application 14/P/02398
Land Adjacent to Grange Farm, Grange Road, Tongham.
50 Dwellings
Decision: Approved

Committee Date - 22nd July 2015
Planning Application 14/P/01870
Land South of Guildford Road, Ash
56 Dwellings
Decision: Refused

Planning Application 15/P/00313
Standard of England, 158, Ash Hill Road, Ash
Morrisons new Store with 2 bed flat above
Decision: Deferred

Committee Date - 12th August 2015
Planning Application 14/P/01154
Land at Foreman Road, Ash
55 Dwellings
Decision: Deferred pending site visit

Planning Application 15/P/00293
Land at Minley Nursery, Spoil Lane, Tongham
55 Dwellings by Bewley Homes
Decision: Deferred pending site visit

Be assured that we will continue to fight applications that we believe are unworkable, unrealistic, unnecessary or just plain reckless.

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