News Bulletin - 11th November 2017

As some of you may be aware Bewley Homes / a2dominion are proposing a change to the approved development in Ash Lodge Drive. They are sending out a letter to over 1800 residents which you should receive by Monday 13th November.

The proposed changes are

- A reduction in the number of 4 & 5 bed properties
- An increase in the number of 2 & 3 bed properties
- An overall increase in the total number of properties to 492 (from 400)
- Increased space for the proposed Health Centre

At the moment there is very little further information as to exactly what or where the changes will be made on the site so we cannot make any comments as to what our response will be. Indeed Bewley Homes and a2dominion will have to submit a new Planning Application to Guildford Borough Council.

Bewley Homes / a2dominion have created a website (www.ashdevelopment.co.uk) with an overview of the changes where you can view and comment on the proposed changes. You are asked if could submit your thoughts by 1/12/2017. If you have any issues accessing their website, you can contact the Bewley Homes / a2dominion team by calling 0800 019 2205 or by emailing info@ashlodgedrive.com.

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