News Bulletin - 1st December 2017

As you are probably aware developers are putting in planning applications on various plots of land all the way along both sides of Foreman Road from the Ash level crossing up to the bridge over the old railway track. Some of these applications have and will be successful, and others will flounder.

One application is particular is of concern and that is 17/P/02158. This application is for 60 houses and covers the area from the existing Foreman Park up to the corner of Grange Road and Foreman Road. This development is going to be high risk for flooding of Grange Road and Foreman Road, and will cause even more issues with traffic in Foreman Road, Grange Road, Ash Green Road & White Lane leading up to the Hogs Back. The over development of Foreman Road is really going to be a disaster for the existing residents of Foreman Road, Grange Road, White Lane and Ash Green Road.

I would like to ask if you could spare a few minutes of your time to write an objection to GBC for Planning Application 17/P/02158. Please make sure that the Planning Application details, "PA 17/P/02158 Land North of Grange Road, Ash" is at the top of your objection, and it begins "I object to the the above application", followed by reasons.

Your can write to the Planning Department at GBC or email to planningenquiries@guildford.gov.uk

Thanks very much for your help and continued support.

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