Ash Bridge - Planning Application

I write to advise you that the expected Planning Application for the proposed road bridge over Ash Station level crossing has been placed on the Guildford Borough Council Website. If you go onto the GBC Planning Website, you will find the application under 19/P/01460. The full title is:

19/P/01460 | Construction of a road bridge with associated footways and cycle path connecting Guildford Road / Ash Hill Road Roundabout to a new junction with Foreman Road over the North Downs Railway Line south of the existing Ash level crossing, in addition to associated junction improvements, landscaping mitigation, ecology management measures, flood mitigation measures, and drainage. | Land east of Ash Railway Station & Foreman Road & south of, Guildford Road, Ash, GU12.

A direct link to the application can be found at - https://preview.tinyurl.com/y5hrvmp6

There are 124 documents associated with the application, which I am yet to read. However, I have been informed by representative of GBC that this application is for the Road Bridge and that a further application for a footbridge will follow in due course. All comments regarding the Road Bridge need to be logged on the GBC system within 21 days of the submission date, which was 20th August. So by my calculations you have until 10th September 2019 to comment.

Over the past 6 months or so, after listening to the concerns of many residents in Ash, Tongham and Ash Green, I, members of ASHRA, AGRA and also residents formed a working group and attended meetings with Councillors and Council officials to discuss and challenge the background and philosophy for the Bridge. The aim of the working group was: "To determine if the proposed bridge is the most cost efficient way of alleviating traffic problems around Ash Level Crossing, without increasing the risk to pedestrian or traffic flow at other locations in Ash, Ash Green, Tongham and Normandy and without burdening council tax payers with the financial risk should additional traffic management systems be required in the area."

I have yet to read the 124 documents and hope to find that some of the points we raised in our discussions have been addressed. However, I need to advise you that the documents in the Planning Application are the work of GBC and that they have not (so far) been endorsed by ASHRA or AGRA.

Later this Month or during the first week in October, I plan to hold an AGM of ASHRA. The AGM will cover a number of topics, including a discussion about this application for the Road Bridge. I hope that you will be able to attend and I will welcome your views as we discuss this and other issues. The date and venue for the AGM is yet to be finalised, but I expect to be writing to you by the end of next week with the details.


John Dymott (Chairman)


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