Planning Applications

Ash Manor School

A Planning Application has been submitted to Surrey County Council, for the Construction of a part single, part two storey building to provide a Performing Arts Centre, additional classroom space and ancillary facilities to support an expansion of Ash Manor School by 1 Form of Entry.

The building is proposed to be located on an area of grass in the South-west corner of the school site, adjacent to the southern vehicular access from Manor Road.

Whilst the main purpose of the development is to provide a theatre, drama rooms, science rooms and ancillary accommodation, the application also frees up classroom space within the School.

The Planning Application also indicates that subject to a community use agreement, the facilities would be available for community use outside of school hours.

The 1 Form of Entry is consistent with the Local Plan requirement: reference SED 4 and will be funded by the Developer’s that are building in accordance with the Local Plan Policy A30 and A31. It has been confirmed from a couple of the planning applications that money has indeed been requested from Developers via their S106 agreements.

You can view the proposal and comment via the following link: http://planning.surreycc.gov.uk The reference is SCC REF 2019/0191 and the Application Number (Council Reference) is GU20/CON/00002. (Direct link - https://planning.surreycc.gov.uk/planappdisp.aspx?AppNo=SCC%20Ref%202019/0191)

You are encouraged to comment as individuals, but if you wish that AshRA puts together a response, please reply to info@ashra.org.uk


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