News Bulletin – 23rd January 2016

Bewley Homes & a2dominion exhibition at Tongham Community Centre, 21st January 2016.

From emails received and from what residents have said following the exhibition, it is quite clear that the developers' representatives were telling different people, different things. This was particularly true when it came to explaining how the flooding situation would be addressed.

Although the plans showed a series of ditches and drainage ponds, any explanation of how they would actually work depended on which representative was pretending to know the answer.

Surface water flooding is only one of the serious issues that need to be addressed of course. When the developers submit their Reserve Matters Application to the Council, be assured that we will be examining every issue in detail.

In the meantime, if a neighbour tells you one thing and you were told another it’s not necessarily that one of you is mistaken, it is more likely that you were speaking to different representatives.

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