News Bulletin - 23rd June 2012

Two updates for you in this news bulletin.

Potential planning application for 450 houses by Bewley Homes on the fields bordered by Ash Lodge Drive, Manor Road, The old railway track and South Lane.

Bewley Homes are to show their latest plans on how they intended to replace the last remaining community open space in South Ash with hundreds of houses. The exhibition will be on Saturday 14 July at Tongham Community Centre from 9.30am until 12.30pm. More details as we get them.  If you were not at the first Bewley Homes exhibition last November you can read what happened here.

Planning application Number: 12/P/00645 for 60 houses by Taylor Wimpey on land that lies behind existing homes on Manor Road

The Environment Agency have replied to our 'Comments on the Flood Risk Assessment Supporting Planning Application 12/P/00645' (http://bit.ly/IcIg9y). We have responded with additional information and are now waiting for their
observations and comments . You can read the full text of our response by clicking on this link 'Follow up to Environment Agency re FRA'.

Lastly, not an update but a picture taken by a local resident. It's a lovely flower called Ragged Robin which is not rare but it is in decline in the UK, mostly due to the loss of it's preferred wet meadow habitat.

Ragged Robin

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