News Bulletin – 15th July 2012

Bewley Homes consultation event Tongham Community Centre Saturday 14 July 2012.

There was lot to absorb at this event and over the next few days and weeks we will be analysing all the relevant information and considering how best to use it to bring this offensive and objectionable scheme to a halt.


Firstly thank you to all of you who turned out on Saturday morning to show your anger and frustration at what is proposed, and thank you for your support for what we are trying to do.

Thank you to all the children, teenagers and parents who turned up for the local newspaper photographer. We hope to reproduce the photograph on the website after it has appeared in the newspaper next Friday.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the fighting fund and we are pleased to say that we collected the great total of £214.

We had some nice comments from people, and they are much appreciated.


Bewley Homes representatives provided us with some wonderful illustrations of their complete ignorance of the local community. Here are two of our favourites.

Local Resident: "Ash Manor School is already oversubscribed"
Bewley Homes Rep: "No it is not, we've checked and it is not oversubscribed"
Clearly they had not read the Ash Manor School website where it says "We are an oversubscribed 11-16 school with an excellent reputation in the area"

Local Resident: "What about the flooding in Ash Lodge Drive"
Bewley Homes Rep: "Ash Lodge Drive doesn't flood we checked with the Council"
Here are a couple of photographs of a flooded Ash Lodge Drive.

Flooded Ash Lodge Drive


Here are six PDF files of the boards on display. We have renamed the files after well known fairy tails but the contents are the same as the original boards.







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