News Bulletin – 10th January 2012

This is the first Newsletter of 2012 and at the time of writing Bewley Homes have not yet submitted an official planning application to Guilford Borough Council.  When they do we will of course let you know immediately.

Welcome to all those new readers who have signed on over the holiday period to receive the Newsletter and support Ash Residents Association (ASHRA).

The moderate rainfall overnight on the 2nd January caused the normal flooding of the fields and a number of residents sent in some excellent pictures, thank you all and a couple of them are reproduced below.

Eastern Field Flooding 03-01-12   South Side Embankment 03-01-12

Our request in the previous Newsletter for old photographs of flooding in the area produced the two below of Southlands Road in July 2007 but we still need more. Please look through your old pictures and either email them to us as at info@ashra.org.uk or if they are in non-digital form we would be happy to collect them from you and return them to you the following day.

Southlands Road Photo 1 07-2007   Southlands Road Photo 2 07-2007

The destruction of the hedgerows in all the fields behind Ash Lodge Drive last Autumn removed a significant amount of wildlife habitat and essential refuge for a great many animals. A number of sightings suggest that as a
result some of the Ash Long Tailed Field Mice have moved in with local residents! The photograph below was taken by an Ash resident after capturing one of the field mice in a humane trap situated in their garage. Also below is a picture of a female Kestrel taking a rest on the garden fence of a local resident. Please keep sending us those local wild animal pictures.

Field Mouse   Female Kestrel

Lastly, you may be aware that there is a plan to move Guildford bus station at a cost of £7m to allow the expansion of the Friary Centre. Alan Norris has emailed us to remind us that January 20th is the deadline for objections and you can contact him for details at busstation99@gmail.com

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