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ASHRA's Response - The National Planning Policy Framework

The National Planning Policy Framework

There are a number of points in the NPPF which need to be highlighted, because they enforce our concerns and belief that this proposed development would be a disaster for the area, is totally unnecessary and would do irreparable damage to what is a lovely natural enclave. Firstly it is stated in the 12 principals of NPPF Core Planning that planning should:

  • be genuinely plan-led, empowering local people to shape their surroundings, with succinct local and neighbourhood plans setting out a positive vision for the future of the area
  • not simply be about scrutiny, but instead be a creative exercise in finding ways to enhance and improve the places in which people live their lives
  • take account of the needs of the residential and business communities
  • take account of the different roles and character of different areas, promoting the vitality of our main urban areas protecting the Green Belts around them, recognising the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside and supporting thriving rural communities within it
  • support the transition to a low carbon future in a changing climate, taking full account of flood risk
  • encourage the effective use of land by reusing land that has been previously developed
  • promote mixed use developments, recognising that some open land can perform many functions (such as for Wildlife, recreation, flood risk mitigation, carbon storage or food production)

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