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Flooding Report - Other Causes of Flooding

Other Causes of Flooding

Immediately to the south of the proposed development area there are a series of underground main water pipes of up to 14" in diameter belonging to South East Water. These pipes are buried direct in clay and are mainly concrete coated steel. There have been 6 ruptures within the last 4 years of which 4 caused extensive flooding of the fields. The 2 minor ruptures were alongside the disused railway embankment whilst the 4 serious rupture were all in Ash Green Lane West, 2 of which were adjacent to the corner of Ash Manor School playing fields. A long section of damaged (split open) 14" pipe lies nearby as evidence.

One of these pipes burst again at 2pm on 4th January 2012 flooding a large portion of the field adjacent to Ash Manor School playing fields.

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