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Flooding Report - Summary of Key Points

Summary of Key Points

  1. The Developer has failed to recognise the serious surface water flooding from the north of parcel 1, caused by the rapid overwhelming of the storm drains in heavy rainfall conditions.
  2. The Developer’s Flood Risk Assessment has grossly overstated the Greenfield runoff rate and has thus rendered information in that document invalid.
  3. The raising of the site by 300mm will block the escape of surface water flooding from the north and greatly increase the flood risk to existing properties.
  4. The application to use the field labelled Cardinal Field, south of the disused railway line as a SANG is totally unsuitable as this field acts as a functional floodplain for a series of watercourses from the south and east. As a result it rapidly floods many times a year to depths up to 1.5m and should be classed as zone 3b.
  5. The Developer’s site survey has failed to appreciate the topography of the fields in parcel 1 with their raised borders preventing Greenfield runoff.
  6. As virtually no pre-development water from parcel 1 currently enters the storm drains, the Developer cannot be allowed to put post development water into the storm drains as it would all be a net gain into the system and accelerate flooding of the River Blackwater. This would affect properties from Tongham to Frimley Green in both Guildford and Rushmoor Boroughs.
  7. The watercourse running south to north alongside FP350 is deep and can flow very fast and would be a source of considerable danger of drowning to children and adults

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