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Flooding Report - Documents related to flooding in the area

Documents related to flooding in the area

    1. "Surrey County Council’s Flooding and Wet-spots" lists Southlands Road – Ref GUI094 as a flood area.

    2. Guildford Borough Council’s SFRA dated Jan 2009
      Vol 1 Page 11 – "The most intensive urbanised areas are Guildford and Ash – here any further development could potentially increase surface water.

      Vol 2 Para 3.15 "Sandbag requests in 2006 were concentrated of to the west of the study area in particular around Ash Green, Ash and Ash Vale which have recorded problems with surface water runoff.

      Vol 2 Para 6.27 "There are however some areas of moderate to high development intensity within Flood Zone 3, most notably an area through Guildford town centre and through Ash and Ash Vale. The suitability of redevelopment within these areas will require careful consideration given the potentially high risk of flooding".

      Vol 2 Para 12.3 "Surface water and sewer flooding have been considered using recorded incidents of flooding provided by the EA and GBC. There are some notable “hot spots” for surface water flooding, primarily in Ash, Ash Vale and Pirbright. Areas of the catchment underlain by clay geology and clay soils are more likely to be impacted by surface water flooding however maintenance of existing small watercourses and structures such as safety screens and culverts has an important influence on local flooding mechanisms".

      Guildford SFRA Appendix G: Other sources of flooding Drawing Nos CS20946/Appendix G-3 and G-7 showing the extent of flooding covering the proposed development area.

      Local Government Planning Policy Statement 25 – Stating the considerations and requirements of both developers and planning authorities with respect to "Development and Flood Risk"

    3. Core Strategy Policy CP7 WATER MANAGEMENT extract:
      “New development on undeveloped flood plains will be avoided. Development on land at risk from flooding will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated that it will not impede the flow of floodwaters, increase the risk of flooding elsewhere or reduce the capacity of a floodplain.” ……………
      “The disposal of surface water from new development to public sewers will not be permitted.”

    4. National Planning Policy Framework TG
      As set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding should be avoided by directing development away from areas at highest risk, but where development is necessary, making it safe without increasing flood risk elsewhere

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