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Flooding Report - Drainage


The railway embankment at the southern border is penetrated by an 18" transit pipe, which allows the surface water from the higher land to the south to pass under the embankment into the development areas main drainage watercourse, and then into culvert A14/1 which connects into the main storm drain. This then conveys the water into the River Blackwater just north of the A331/A323 junction. The size of this watercourse is approximately 2m wide x 1m deep.

Another much smaller watercourse borders the west of the land and travels south to north, eventually connecting into the drainage system near Manor Road. Another watercourse runs east to west joining the main ditch into the main storm water drain adjacent to Avon Close. These watercourses have bunds of between 200 - 400mm high formed by the soil excavated during the digging of the ditch and so the fields do not drain naturally into the ditches.

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