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Flooding Report - River Blackwater Flooding

River Blackwater Flooding

Telemetry values (from over 9000 points) supplied by the EA for Tongham and Farnborough monitoring stations show that the River Blackwater floods with flows exceeding 1.25m3/sec. This affects properties along the floodplain from Tongham to Frimley both in Hampshire and in Surrey. The FRA in 4.12 agrees that the flooding occurs on the River Blackwater on a frequent basis.

From records provided by the Environment Agency the most recent flood alerts that were issued for the River Blackwater were at 22.48 on 22/11/2012 and again at 23.06 on 14/12/2012. The closest to a full flood in 2012 occurred at 13.30 on 28/04/2012 when the Tongham telemetry was showing only millimetres below the critical level for flooding.

Tongham metering station chart for the River Blackwater on 28/04/2012

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