Ash Lodge Drive - Works Update

23rd November 2017

Foot Path Diversion

 There is now a slight diversion in place for the foot path running from Ash Lodge Drive to the old railway. The diversion is where the road will cross the foot path and just deviates slightly to the west before returning to the original line. From a distance it looks like the path is closed but it is to remain open.

This diversion is to enable a plant crossing to be created, during the day there will be a dedicated member of site staff at the crossing who will open and close the site gates to allow you to cross safely. As visibility of the footpath is good they should be able to hold up any plant crossing if they see any walkers approaching. If it does need be closed it will only be for a few minutes. Please take notice of the site staff who are there to ensure your safety.

Site Water

There has been some concern about the water collecting in the site, at the north east corner near the footpath connecting to Ash Lodge Drive, and will it get into the nearby back gardens. The current site level is at least a foot below the original site and ths is a low point in the site. There is very little chance of the water breaching the site but as a precaution the current bund will be extended along the side of the footpath to ensure the water is contained. In the unlikely event that the water looks like it might breach this then there are other plans to divert water to the ditch by the foot path.</>

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