Ash Lodge Drive - Works Update

11th January 2018

New Planning Application

As we mentioned on our website back in November Bewley Homes were proposing a change to the approved plans for the Ash Lodge Drive development.

They have now submitted a new planning application for the revised plans. This can be seen on the GBC website at the following location - http://www2.guildford.gov.uk/publica…/applicationDetails.do…

We have only just received the details ourselves so have no comments to make at the moment but we will update you when we have studied the plans in detail.


Late Night Deliveries

The delivery at 18:30 tonight was not expected by the site staff. Despite what the driver said the site was not going to be left open and he would not have been able to drop the load. Words will be had with the driver as soon a possible. The foreman is aware of the language used and how aggressive the driver was.


Tree Removal on Ash Lodge Drive

One of the last trees on Ash Lodge Drive was removed today, this was expected and had to be done to make way for the new road which is joining Ash Lodge Drive at that point.


No waiting Restrictions

As of today (11th Jan) there is a no waiting restriction on from Avon Close to the western side of 130 Ash Lodge Drive. This is to enable deliveries etc whilst the road is being excavated. For more details see the Ash Lodge Drive Development Facebook group


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