Ash Lodge Drive - Works Update

18th January 2018

Roadworks Update

There is now a plan for the roadworks in Ash Lodge Drive for the next few months. The full plan can be found at here, a summary of the works is as follows

January 22nd to February 16, 2018

Main Sewer Connections
Ash Lodge Drive will be closed to all vehicles between Avon Close and Beverly Close. The diversion is via Manor Road, Ash Street, Lime Crescent, Southlands Lane, Southlands Road, London Way, Colne Way and Ash Lodge Drive. Access for pedestrians will remain at all time. No driveways will be blocked but the layby will probably be closed.

A no waiting order is also in force to stop vehicles parking / waiting in this area.

Construction Vehicles should be using Manor Road and the new site entrance.

February 19th to March 30th, 2018

Connection of new access to Road to Ash Lodge Drive and re-alignment of Ash Lodge Drive.
The majority of this work to start with will take place within the site boundary but there will be the need to remove kerbs etc and work on or near to the south side of Ash Lodge Drive. Expect pavement closures on the south side of Ash Lodge Drive for the duration of the works. Around the 16th March work will commence on the northern side of Ash Lodge Drive whilst the pavement and kerbs are re-configured

There will be a full road closure again for approx 2 days around the 29th March when the top surface is laid down and white lining is completed.

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