Application Number:
The Croft, Foreman Road, Ash, Guildford, GU12 6HD
Outline application for the conversion of The Croft into eight apartments and erection of up to 31 residential dwellings with associated open space and parking (additional information and revised transport statement received 15/02/12; description updated following amended information received on 26/03/12; archaeological survey and bat survey received 02/04/12; revised Flood Risk Assessment submitted 04/04/12; additional information relating to the Flood Risk Assessment submitted 26/4/12; Great Crested Newts survey and Biodiversity Statement submitted 2/5/12; Great Crested Newts (considerations of possibility) report received 10/05/12; reptile report received 11/05/12); Great Crested Newt Habitat Suitability index report submitted 24/05/12; additional drainage information submitted 24/05/12; additional information received on 15/06/12 (surface water drainage); additional information received from applicant's agent on 20/06/12 (sightlines); additional information received 28/06/12 (highway improvements); additional information received 29/06/12 (underground storage system); additional information from applicant received 04/07/12 (summary of surface water drainage); additional drawings and information submitted 26/6/12 and 28/6/12 relating to drainage and highway issues; amended indicative layout drawing received 19/07/12.
Case Officer:
Tara Taylor
Aspen Homes c/o Agent
Application Date:
Friday, 27 January 2012
Decision Date:
Thursday, 23 August 2012

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