Proposed building on the fields between Ash and Tongham

Proposed Building on the Fields between Ash and Tongham

This issue first arose in late July/ early August this year and, since then, certain residents have been working extremely hard, making contacts with crucial people who can help, finding information and putting together a plan to defeat any Planning Application that is presented to Guildford Borough Council.

For long term residents of Ash in particular, this is not the first time in the past two decades that Builders have set their sights on these fields and applied for planning permission – it is the fourth. In fact in 1995 we had exactly the same scenario that we have now, in that the then proposed builder got an Environmental Impact Assessment done and presented it with their Planning Application. At that time we fought a long and hard campaign against them, and eventually their Application was refuse. However, the builders in question then went to appeal, as is their right, and the then Secretary of State ruled in favour of Guildford Borough Council. This could be a long fight, but with your help we will succeed.

From time to time there may be little new information available on this website, but we assure you that at no stage will we be sitting, doing nothing. We have a number of people working on the issues daily.

Often it may be the case that we don’t want to post certain information on the website, in case it gives an advantage to the builders. So if there is no news it does not have bad connotations.

We are currently looking to seek the assistance and collaboration of Tongham residents who have been involved in Residents’ Campaigns in the past. This will give us additional strength and ideas.

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