News Bulletin – 10th November 2016

For those of you who were not at the Planning Committee Meeting yesterday evening, I’d just like to advise you of what transpired. For those of you who were there, thank you very much for attending.

As you will be aware, Bewley Homes had prepared and delivered some time ago their Reserve Matters Application to Guildford Borough Council for consideration and approval. Last nights’ meeting was the date fixed for this process.

Obviously, the Principal Planning Officer presented the application and requested that it be approved in its current state.

We still have serious concerns around areas such as flooding, housing density, road design, health and safety, amongst others, and Alan Norris and I spoke against the Application. Councillor Paul Spooner, Councillor for Ash South & Tongham Ward and Leader of Guildford Borough Council, then spoke at some length highlighting, not only our concerns but, many of his own. Issues raised by other Councillors concerned the damage to the area designated as SNCI (Site of National Conservation Importance). The full list of concerns were:

  • the safety risk & health hazard of the swales, water meadows & balancing ponds
  • no attempt has been made to reduce the density of housing towards the urban or rural fringes of the site
  • parking in terms of the road network
  • some properties will not have safe & reasonable access
  • HGV & emergency services access
  • correct figures for housing density
  • not enough consideration paid to ecology and the SNCI

Councillor Spooner then called for a deferment of this application pending the resolution of the  issues raised. A vote was called by the Chairman, and the Committee Members voted unanimously in favour of the deferment.

This Application is likely to be brought back to Committee sometime in the New Year.

If anyone wants to watch the video of the section of the meeting covering this application, we have put it on youtube. Click here to for the video.

I’d like to thank Councillor Spooner, on behalf of ASHRA and the residents of Ash & Tongham for his continued support, and his efforts to get a sensible resolution in this and other developments in the Ward.

As this is likely to be our last Newsletter in 2016, I would like to thank Residents for their continued support of ASHRA , and wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

One final thing. ASHRA’s Secretary, Roger Smolski is moving down to the coast for a quiet life, he tells me. I would like to thank Roger for all his Hard work over the past five years for ASHRA, and also for having the patience to work with me. We will miss him, and I will miss him as a friend.

ASHRA has taken on two new Committee members. They are Russell Neighbour and Rachel Butcher, both residents of Ash Lodge Drive, and I’m really looking forward to working with them. (Roger will probably say that I’ve had to take on two people just to replace him.)


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