News Bulletin – 5th January 2017

This newsletter is to advise everyone that Guildford Borough Council eventually approved the Reserve Matters Application 16/P/00980 to build up to 400 homes South of Ash Lodge Drive, at a special Planning Committee Meeting held last night.

As you know we have fought a long battle, with your support, going back many years, firstly to stop the outline application being approved, and then to get amendments and improvements to what was being proposed at the Reserve Matters stage.

Although we did not get the former, we have gained many wins in getting amendment to the original proposal, which should result in a workable development, over the joke that was originally proposed.

We were continuing to fight for changes and improvements up to and including last night and indeed we were looking for valid reasons for refusal. Unfortunately, none of our reasons were sufficient to outweigh the advice of Council Officers and legal advice. Although many Councillors at the meeting voted against approving the Application, and some abstained, the Council Officers had a legal opinion on their side, and the Councillors were caught between a rock and a hard place, and had to vote to approve.

However, the developers still have to get certain agreements with Thames Water, and there will be a large number of conditions attached to the approval that the developers will have to comply with before any work can commence, so we will be keeping a critical eye on the process going forward.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Councillor Paul Spooner for his continued support from day one of our fight against this dreadful Application

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